This lady at the Barnes and noble cafe wanted to buy a $40 cheesecake factory cake for $30 because of the coupon that was given to customers like a month ago but she didn’t have the coupon with her

And the barista called her manager and asked if they could make an exception and this lady looked so hopeful to have a cake

And the barista had to tell her no, but then I realized I might still have that coupon because I hold onto receipts for a million years and I don’t have a clue why

So I gave it to the lady and she was so happy and the barista called her manager again and her manager said yes this one time so the lady got her cake

And on her way out she was like, “thank you so much, by the way,” and all I can say is that you should keep your receipts forever because there’s nothing as awesome as scoring people cake.

never forget that if you’re a college student, you’re not worth anyone’s time and no one should ever help you along the way ever, you worthless piece of crap




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Actually, Makoto, they’re married.



Free! makes brofisting ‘too gay’ for straight dudes, more at 11.

Penelope (2006)





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Nagisa is SO CUTE ヾ(>ᴗ<)ノ