if you’re here because of mozart l’opera rock…!

just a disclaimer to the influx of mozart l’opera rock stuff all over my blog right now—i rarely post this stuff, as i am relatively new to the musical. so yeah if you’re expecting to see only MOR stuff, know that you will more likely get gay swimming anime and BBC merlin stuff, as well as a host of others. anyway, here’s the story!

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is this teen wolf

okay i could be excited about mozart/salieri happenings all night long

(as well as how uncanny it is that both them and crio/ansgar have the same sort of looks going on hM)

but it is sleep time for now




In addition to the collectible magnet set, the collection includes an exclusive bonus disc featuring:

       New commentary on two Season Five episodes

       Comic-Con International: San Diego 2012 Panel footage featuring the cast of Merlin

       “The Real Arthur and Merlin” – Stars Colin Morgan and Bradley James travel across Wales, exploring sites from the legend of Merlin



아름다워 소름이 돋아~~~

A mysterious box, indeed—what could it be??

I’m sure Addy will be brave enough to look inside and see!