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Never stop believing precious penguin boy


So ive been seeing a lot of people look at these cats:


and call them makoharu cats. And i can get that what with their colors and size difference.

But thats not what I first thought of. I see these cats as symbolic to Haruka and Nagisa’s relationship.

The image appears when Nagisa goes to Haru’s home for help. Haru is someone Nagisa has always looked up to and wanted to be like. He’s always clinging to him, wanting to be like him, wanting to be his friend etc. And Haru, even though he’s a quiet reserved person, allows this because he cares for Nagisa. 

He doesn’t think twice about taking care of him, protecting him, watching out for him. It’s Haru who lets him stay without question at first. It’s Haru who calls Miho, It’s Haru who’s watching out for little Nagisa, like the cats in the image.

At least thats what I saw. 

…and Rei saves the team yet again with his kind words.


Under a full moon… by Yohao88

Ok, this time I used plenty of references from the original art, as you can see… X°D Though I modified all the expressions, the hair, and I drew all the bodies (in fact they’re wrong… X°°°D ) and all the sand (pretty happy with the result, even if it looks a bit out of place…). XD

First time I color in anime style and I liked it a lot.

Rei HAD TO stay there and be a star nerd for Nagisa because yes, even if that’s not my OTP. LOL

I’m sickly in love with these boys. I don’t know what I’d do draw without them.

P.s. HaruRin forever.



well one bright side is i think i found my cosplay for nagisa :3

treasure-hunter nagisa goo~~

well, reigisa is now official. HELP.