You know what, guys, this actually makes a shit-ton of sense.

We underestimate “stupid Anderson” until the moment he speaks up to Lestrade about seriously considering Sherlock a suspect. What else is happening at the exact same moment?

Moriarty is playing for Sherlock a pre-recorded video about the knights going to King Arthur about Sir Boast-a-lot’s lies.

How on earth is something like that coordinated by chance? Holy cow, guys.

Also, while I would probably flip my shit if he actually turned out to be Moran, he certainly doesn’t need to be. The most exciting thing about this is that he could be filling in for all the exact same things we have been attributing to Pink-Shirt Guy. This goes as far as to cross over into that final thing— that he was always focused on Donovan.

Anderson and Donovan are screwing. I mean, there’s no other way to put it, in this context, guys. We always lump them together, always, as the pair Lestrade really should fire, but for some reason hasn’t. The pair that is introduced to us as the girl who calls Sherlock a freak, and whom he deduces as having cleaned Anderson’s floor on her hands and knees.

The focus has been on Donovan. But what if it’s been on her for longer than we even realized? What if Anderson is… Moriarty’s in in the Police force?

You guys. This is insane. And very very probable, at this point.